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Help Identifying Language

This is the place where you can ask for translations into several languages at once. For translations into or from just one specific language, please post in the language's own forum or official topic.

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Help Identifying Language

Postby LouisMKD » 2015-03-15, 7:20


This is probably a slightly unusual thread, but I am hoping someone on here is able to help me.

I recently relocated to Dubai and sourced a new DU SIM card. Since having this SIM, I have had numerous calls of multiple numbers, who just hang up as soon as I answer. If I try and ring them back, they reject my calls.

I initially thought this was just spam, but now that I have the SIM card in a smart phone with Whatsapp, I've have been added on there by quite a few random numbers, who have sent me strange pictures (flowers, some bright coloured leggins) and some random videos. They will never answer when I ask where they got my number from.

Anyway, 2 of these numbers have sent me audio files on Whatsapp. The clue to where they are getting my number from lies in here and also i'm intrigued to know what they are saying. As of yet, I have had no luck indentify the language they are speaking, let alone translating it. I have sent this to a number of people and ruled out the following - French (doesnt sound like any European country to be fair), Arabic, Farsi, Filipino, Hindi, Malayalam and and Urdu.

I would really appreciate it if someone could help identify the language and if possible, translate it!

I have posted both audio files to dropbox and they can be viewed at the below links. The two audio files came from different numbers. I am unsure if it is the same language or the same person.

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y097pw3ludij ... 5wzLa?dl=0


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