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Austronesian Language Translation Game - UniLang

Austronesian Language Translation Game

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Austronesian Language Translation Game

Postby Riptide » 2009-12-27, 7:27

Ok, this is basically the same concept as Sean's Moonspeak Game, yet it's for any and all austronesian languages. Basically, you choose an austronesian language that you will want to do (you cannot have higher than a basic knowledge of it). Then, starting January 2nd the game starts. I will allow people to join even when the game has already started, yet you will probably be stuck somewhere towards the back (so join before then preferrably). Each person will be given two weeks to finish learning how the grammar works in their language, as well as the language of the person before you. One person will have to choose English by the way and will be the end. There will be two texts going around, so you will have two chances to do this (different order obviously). Simple enough?

Ok, so for austronesian languages, you can choose ANY one austronesian language. Here are just a few of them, but you don't have to even choose any of these: Indonesian, Javanese, Hawaiian, Māori, Tongan, Tagalog, Malay, Chamorro, etc.

So just post what language you want to do, and I'll post it here (and the order of translations once the game starts):

[flag]tl[/flag] Tagalog - Riptide
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