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Political Music

This forum is to learn about foreign cultures and habits, because language skills are not everything you need as a world citizen...

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Re: Political Music

Postby vijayjohn » 2015-02-26, 19:49

This is an Angolan song I posted on the Portuguese forum (along with the lyrics in Portuguese) not so long ago. :P It's by Duo Ouro Negro, the first Angolan band to achieve recognition outside its home country. In this song, "Lindeza" (Beauty), performed in 1981, they talk about what they think of their country. I've attempted a somewhat loose translation and included it below this video (apologies in advance for any glaring mistakes in any of these translations I've made, though):
My land is as beautiful
As the flower born in the forest.

Don't hold it against me
That I love her so much!
Don't think badly of me
For talking about her so much!

My people are as good
As water running through the desert.
And everybody wants
To chain her up,
And everybody wants,
Wants to rob her.

My land is great,
And it'll be greater if I make it grow.
My land is as free
As the wind running through the savannas.
And everybody wants
To chain her up,
And everybody wants,
Wants to rob her.

That song reminded me of what may well be my favorite Bollywood song ever, "Aana Meri Jaan Sunday ke Sunday." It's from a movie called Shehnai, filmed in Karachi in 1947, the same year India and Pakistan became independent. These days, it mostly seems to be remembered for the line about eggs, which was apparently adapted for and used in a well-known TV ad for a company selling them. In reality, though, it was mercilessly poking fun at the British by portraying a (married?) British man (B) who speaks Hindi in an exaggerated accent while trying to flirt with a local married housewife (H) until a white lady (W) shows up and he immediately abandons the Indian lady for her. I love this song; it's hilarious! :rotfl: I've tried to write out the lyrics in IPA with a translation, although both the British guy and the white lady code-switch a lot:
B: [ˈana ˈmɛri dʒan], [mɛri dʒan], Sunday [ki] Sunday!
Come, my dear, my dear, on Sunday, oh, on Sunday!
Iiiii love youuuuu!
H: [bʱag jəˈhã se d̪uɾ]!
Get the hell out of here!
B: Oooooh! Yea Iiiii love youuuuu!
H: [bʱag jəhã se d̪uɾ]!
B: [t̪ʊˈdʒʱe] Paris [d̪ɪˈkʰaũ]!
Let me show you around Paris!
[t̪ʊˈdʒʱe lən̪d̪ən ɡʱuˈmaũ]!
Let me take you around London!
[t̪ʊˈdʒʱe] brandy [pɪˈlaũ], whiskey [pɪˈlaũ ɔɾ kʰɪˈlaũ]
Let me make you drink brandy, let me make you drink whisky, and let me feed you,
[kʰɪˈlaũ mʊrˈgi ke], [mʊrˈgi ke ˈəɳɖe]! [ˈəɳɖe],
Feed you chicken, chicken EGGS! Eggs,
[ˈana ˈmɛri dʒan]...

H: [mɛ̃ ˈd̪ʱəɾəm ˈd̪ʱəɾəm ki ˈnaɾiː];
I'm a devoutly religious lady;
[ˈt̪u niːtʃ əˈd̪ʱəm ʋjabʱɪˈtʃaɾi].
You're a vile, wretched adulterer.
[ˈmama hɛ gəŋˈgaː puˈdʒaɾi]
My uncle is a priest by the Ganga.
[ˈbaba ˈkaʃi ke], [ˈkaʃi ke]...
My dad is in Kashi, in Kashi...
B: [pəɳˈɖe]?!
A priest?!
H: [hã], [pəɳˈɖe]!
Yeah, a priest!
B: [ˈana ˈmɛri dʒan]...

[ˈaʋoːːː]! [haˈt̪ʰõ mẽ haːt̪ʰ le] walk [kəˈrẽ həm]!
Come, let's take a walk hand in hand!
[ˈaʋoːːː]! Sweet-sweet [apəs meər] talk [kəˈrẽ həm]!
Come, let's talk sweetly to each other, hand in hand!
H: [əˈɾe], [haʈ]!
Oh, go away!
[səjˈjã me:ˈɾa pɛɦɛlˈʋanɨ hɛ].
My husband is a wrestler.
[ˈmaɾe ˈɖəɳɖɨ həˈzaɾ].
He hit a thousand sticks.
[hã], [hã], [ˈmaɾe ˈɖəɳɖɨ həˈzaɾ].
Yeah, yeah, he hit a thousand sticks.
[bʱag ˈdʒajega ˈbed̪ʊm bən̪ˈd̪ər ˈd̪ega dʒo ləlɨˈkaːɾ]!
The tailless monkey that dares challenge him will run away!
[ˈmaɾe gɪn gɪn ke], [gɪn gɪn ke ˈɖəɳɖe], [ˈɖəɳɖe]!
He hit so many, so many sticks, sticks!
B: [ˈana ˈmɛri dʒan]...

W: O my [sab] (whitey)! Come come come!
[t̪ʊm] Romeo; Juliet [həm]. (You're Romeo; I'm Juliet)
O dear! Come here! Don't fear!
B: [ɖaɖɖəɽa]! [papəpa]!
W: [jeːːː gãʋ ki] native [ləɽˈki hɛ].
She's a native village girl.
[je d̪ɪl ki] beating [kja ˈdʒane]?
What does she know about hearts beating?
[jeːːː] chasing, hunting [kja ˈdʒane]?
What does she know about chasing and hunting?
[je] love [ki] meeting [kja ˈdʒane]?
What does she know about meeting for love?
B: Right, right, right! All right!!
W: [ao], dear, [həm tʃəˈlẽ] theeerre!
Come, dear, let's go there!
B: Wheeerrrre?
W: Theeerre. [gəˈɽẽ mʊˈhəbbət̪ ke], [mʊˈhəbbət̪ ke ˈdʒʱəɳɖe], [ˈdʒʱəɳɖe]!
Let's raise the flags, the flags of love, of love!
B, W: [ˈana ˈmɛri dʒan]...

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