Looking for a translation so I can propose!

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Looking for a translation so I can propose!

Postby SmokedFat » 2014-03-25, 20:04

I am doing a long distance relationship with a girl in Vilnius. I am planning on proposing, but I want to call her parents first to ask for permission (this is done in Lithuania, no?).
So, since they don't speak English, and I don't want to use my very shoddy language skills, I was hoping someone could help me.

This is what I am looking for:

"I wrote down what I would like to say, otherwise I would forget.

Thank you very much for you allowing me to visit your home for Easter. I regret that we do not know each other better; my lithuanian is to blame for that. But I look forward to being able to converse with you more freely as my language improves.

I love your daughter very much. The qualities that I admire in her are endless. She is truly the woman I have been looking for, and I am beyond happy that I found her.
I would like to marry your daughter. I believe it would make her happy, and I know it would make me very happy. I want what's best for her; I will take great care of her. I am not a fickle person: I will honor and cherish your daughter forever.

I would like your blessing to marry her."

I am truly thankful for any help.

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