needed swedish translator

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needed swedish translator

Postby SD95 » 2014-06-21, 18:13

Hello, I am SD95, french student in engineering.

I am currently involved in a project for the creation of subtitles for a swedish documentary. But since I do not know this language myself, I used to work with a swedish woman. But she has stoped helping me 6 month ago, she had too much work in her personal life.
That's why i'm posting here :) I'm looking for a volounteer person that can speak swedish fluently, and english to an advanced level, in order to help me write and translate the swedish script.
Now, to prove that i am serious and reliable, here is the project website, on which I worked quite hard. It allows my "team" to present the project, inform people and keep them up with the new work. Check it out : you can also check our youtube channel, even if we've not posted much things on it :

More information:
Since it's a volounteering project, I do not offer any money for this work, and that's why i'm looking for people that would actually have some fun doing the translation. Also, there's no pressure at all : you would not be comminted to anything, you would just do the translation when you want, like you want.

So, if you're interested in taking part to this experience, contact me by replying here or sending me an email at :)

Note : the documentary is about the porn industry, and it features hard scenes, so you might feel uncomfortable with this. Yet you shouold know that I have heavily censored these scenes on the youtube videos, thus it might not be a problem after all.


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