Nashk, Nastaleeq and diacritics

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Nashk, Nastaleeq and diacritics

Postby jesuisbenjamin » 2011-08-02, 8:58

Dear all,

I'm looking at writing in Nastaleeq or Nashk and I find no clear set of rule with regard to using diacritics. Of course these are not always used, but as a student I want to ma a consistent effort to use them.

For instance it is rather clear to me that to transcribe the sound [e] or [ai] and [o] or [au], the combination of consonant+zabar+choti-ye or consonant+zabar+wao are used. However, it seems that when producing the sound [i:] or [u:] (long vowels), the combination are consonant+choti-ye+zer and consonant+wao+pesh are used respectively. Is this correct?

Moreover, there seems to be two different diacritics for both zer and pesh, depending on whether or not they are use in combination with their semi-vowel counterpart. So, I am not sure the font here renders properly, but here is an example:

پِت but پیٖت (here the second renders poorly, but it should be a vertical bar (rather than inclined) below the choti-ye which should be a middle and not final.)
پُت but پوٗ
This is not consistent everywhere though.

Finally I have seen ‘ain pronounced differently, without seeing any diacritics to make the distinction. Compare:
san‘at صنعت
to ś‘obah شعبہ
and to sam‘e سامع

Should there be any pesh or zer to mark the difference here above?

Thanks for your help.

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