Looking for a word in Farsi!

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Looking for a word in Farsi!

Postby Bean » 2014-05-04, 21:11

Hi there!
I am looking for a word I was once taught but forgot in Farsi (I hope I will recognize it when I read it...). It means "trouble maker" or something to that effect. It was used as a nickname of a friend of mine when she was a child. I think it sounded like "Adjabedad"... But I may be way off :oops:

Any ideas?


(Oh, and if you could please write it in English alphabet... I can't read Farsi.. :lol: )

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Re: Looking for a word in Farsi!

Postby ommmmid » 2014-08-16, 5:07


Tough question!
For a little girl who is way too naughty, I would say she is "oujoobe" :)
Literally it means incredible, but it's used for a child who is too energetic, these days they are simply called hyperactive chidren.

I hope it's what you were looking for.
Always happy to talk about languages.

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