10 digits write Dama

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10 digits write Dama

Postby SostiMatiko » 2015-03-11, 17:09

Dama can also be written by using only the 10 numerical digits, as follows:
1 =I, i, e, j
2 =N, n
3 =M, m
4 =A, a
5 =S, s
6 =b, B
7 =T, t, d
8 =R, r
9 =g, G, k
0 =O, o, u, w.
So the 10 digits are quite enough to write the 12 phonemes of Dama Diwan language. Such a small number of indispensable digits to represent Dama means we can use only 10 symbols for Morse code, so if we symbolise a dot by “i” and a dash by “I”, the necessary Morse symbols (by order of brevity, the shorter for the more frequent) are:
i =0 =O, o, u, w.
I =1 =I, i, e, j
ii =4 =A, a
Ii =2 =N, n
iI =3 =M, m
II =8 =R, r
iii =7 =T, t, d
Iii =5 =S, s
iIi =9 =g, G, k
iiI =6 =b, B
(In Dama, the difference between i/e, u/o is not phonemic. J and W as phonemes are different, but Dama words only start with CONSONANTS (including j, w), and then there is always a vowel after each consonant with the exception of final n (which is better, but not strictly, to be pronounced as ŋ). Therefore, 14102 can only be jajon or jajun, both correct in Dama; and the same happens with all other Dama words: they can be rendered totally correctly by the use of only the 10 digits, that is with a pad of only 10 digits. The connection of the 10 digits to Latin letters is obvious, based on similarity of shape.)
jetu wanu nomu bomu rora / jito wano numo bumo rura / 1170 0420 2030 6030 8084
nomu tesu rora / numo tiso rura / 2030 7150 8084
nomu tesu man jetu / numo tiso man jito / 2030 7150 342 1170
i jetu boma nomu ma jetu / i jito buma numo ma jito / 1 1170 6034 2030 34 1170

this is a translation of the most sacred text of the ancient Persian monotheistic religion:
“Honesty is the most complete good
(honesty) is happiness
happiness to the honest
who is honest for the sake of the best Honesty”.
FOR MORE INFORMATION AND LINKS FOR DAMA DIWAN: http://linguifex.com/wiki/Dama_Diwan
ॐ भूर् भु॑वः सुवः त॑त् सवितु॑र् व॑रेणियं भ॑र्गो देव॑स्य धीमहि धि॑यो यो॑ नः प्रचोद॑यात्

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