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Scandinavian influence <>

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Re: Scandinavian influence <>

Postby chung » 2011-08-21, 16:13

By all means there's nothing stopping anyone from expanding the inquiry to all of the languages of Eurasia (or in theory, why don't we just grab everything in the world?). In keeping with the spirit of the inquiry few if any languages would be excluded from the initial "sweep". I only picked those 5 languages because we're most likely to recognize the names.

I guess that the only thing to watch for is for someone to do this research without inadvertently following Greenberg so closely that the work gets dismissed as just multilateral comparison which has its own problems.

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Re: Scandinavian influence <>

Postby captainporridge » 2012-03-26, 20:16

Here are some more loanwords, from a paper I translated and posted on this forum earlier. Keep in mind that the paper had bad sources and was wrong in other aspects, the "etymology" they use is sketchy, etc. They didn't list the words they claim to be related so if you know them please post them.

gáica - goat (Old Norse - compare Icelandic geit)
gussa - cow (Old Norse)
vuostá - cheese (Old Norse - compare Icelandic ostur)
bálká - salary (Old Finnish)
boallu - button (Old Finnish)
dávdá - disease/illness (Old Finnish)
oastit - buy (Old Finnish)

Some parts of modern Swedish words have been taken from Sami:
sarvvis - Swedish: sarv (meaning male reindeer)
ráidu - rajd (reindeer)
noaidi - nåjd (Sami Shaman)

Many Finnish words about reindeer have also been taken from Sami, especially Northern Sami:
varit - Finnish: urakka, Swedish “hanren i tvåårsåldern” (male reindeers in their second winter)
suohpan - suopunki (lasso, snare)
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